10 tips to be successful and happy in life

  1. THINK BIG, draft enough and then spread your ideas.
  2. Don't copy, BE INSPIRED. We don't come into the world knowing what we want and what we need, but that doesn't mean we have to borrow foreign ideas just as they were conceived by others. 
  3. Don't get obsessed with perfection. It's simple: do your best when targeting your goals. 
  4. Instead of watching TV: read more, listen to good music, subscribe to more interesting podcasts and radio channels; draw, paint or do something creative; offer yourself nice walks.
  5. READ A LOT: sci-fi, education or professional books... but, please, READ; and read in more than one language.
  6. Become the captain of your ship, not just a sailor. 
  7. Be creative... or learn how to: there are tons of articles and ideas out there.
  8. Ask and do your research. Why could that be humiliating? As I said before, no one came into this world knowing everything, and no one will know it when leaving this world. Every day is a new chance to learn new things from the others. 
  9. Use lists, notepads, notebooks. Note down your ideas, because it is the only way to get organized and sort your life, your work and to know what really matters.
  10. As the song said: ''Don't look back in anger''. Let bygones be bygones; as long as you are regretting what you did, the world is moving. 

In short: you are the one to drive your own life; don't allow or expect the others to do it for you.

From PLR Translations we always try to apply these tips in our everyday work.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Good advice! I try to do many of these things, accomplish a scant few of them, and certainly need to find some more time to read. I am not too sure about "grummet", though: I guess it is supposed to be "grumete", but (please correct me if I am wrong) I don't seem to find the word with that meaning in any English dictionary. How about "Take the driver's seat, don't just go along for the ride"? And that was my attempt at being creative ; ) …

  2. Thank you very much, Pablo. Certainly, ''grummet'' does not exist, but these days I have been quite busy and even worse, a bit indisposed, and I mixed three languages (French, English and Spanish :-). It happens.

    I think it is better to change just the word ''grummet'', as the rest of the sentence is perfectly understandable and I am quite sure I heard it before in English.

    Thank you very much again for your suggestions, welcome to this blog and have a nice day!

  3. Hehe, that certainly happens! The change looks good to me and, anyway, "donde hay patrón, no manda marinero". Have a great day!

  4. ¡Que no cunda el pánico! Las vacas flacas llegan de vez en cuando, pero se van. Cuando uno suena desesperado hasta el cliente se ahuyenta. Mejor disfrutar la vida, prepararse aún más, ocuparse de esas cosas para las que uno nunca tiene tiempo cuando hay trabajo. Y eso sí, ¡ahorrar! para estar más tranquila cuando llegan estas temporadas.


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